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I never thought it would be possible to obtain benefits and protect my home."


Our Process


With D.A. Santos and Associates you can relax and know that you are in good professional hands.  Every case is individual.  We will tailor a plan especially for you that is legal and meets regulatory compliance with the State Medi-Cal laws.


Telephone Assessment

An experienced staff member will speak with you about your current situation and conduct a detailed assessment to determine if our services are needed.  During this phone interview you will be asked questions about the patient's medical condition,  placement issues, assets such as property owned, savings and investments.  We will also inquire about legal documents such as Trusts and powers of attorney. All this information helps us to determine if you are in need of our help and set the foundation for a professional plan to obtain the benefits your deserve.



If it is determined that your situation would benefit from our assistance, our staff member will set up an appointment for a Medi-Cal Planner to educate and empower you with options.  Most families that we work with are amazed at the provisions in the law to help them protect their assets and qualify for Long Term Care. 

So that there are no added stresses to the family, it is our commitment to meet with you and/or a family member where it is the most convenient and appropriate. This could be in a variety of places such as your home, nursing home, or hospital. 

YOU will always make the decisions and choices of how to proceed.  We will present you with options and a plan.  It is important that you enter into a partnership in this process and never feel pressured or persuaded. 



Once it is decided that our services are needed, you can relax and know that we will take care of the rest! We will take the necessary steps to preserve assets. In most cases, we will complete the Medi-Cal application and handle the process until benefits are granted. We will act as your representative in dealing with the government agencies throughout the Medi-Cal process.

We will also keep the Hospital and/or Nursing Facility informed of the status of the case. This process will eliminate stress and confusion for both the patient and the family.



Confusing? Call us and we will walk you through the Medi-Cal maze.







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