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When faced with a nursing home stay, it is crucial that you are completely informed of all the pertinent facts so that you do not become impoverished paying the nursing home for your cost of care. Too many people lose too much money needlessly because their decisions were based on half truths, rumors, myths and just not knowing what options are available to them.

Medi-Cal is the largest source of government funding for nursing home care, due in part because Medicare covers very few nursing home costs.

D. A. Santos and Associates can dispel the myths and serve as your beacon to help you successfully navigate your way through the Medi-Cal maze.


Here are a few of the more common "Medi-Cal myths" that make the process so baffling.



Medicare will cover my nursing home bill

Medicare only covers a small amount of the nursing home care provided.

I have to give away everything I own to get Medi-Cal.

You don't have to be completely destitute to get Medi-Cal.

If I give away assets to family or friends, I won't qualify for Medi-Cal.

It is true that some transfers of assets disqualify you from getting Medi-Cal. The value of the assets determines how long you will be disqualified. The point is, not all transfers cause problems with getting Medi-Cal

I have to wait three years after giving anything away to get Medi-Cal.

Medi-Cal rules do penalize some transfers of property, and the Medi-Cal agency will examine financial records three years back to see if asset transfers are made. The government doesn't want people "planning to be poor." But the length of time you have to wait isn't always three years.


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Within each of these myths is the ring of truth, perhaps accounting for how persistent they have remained in the public mind.

Remember, these are all myths. And keep in mind that the answers given above are general rules that apply in California.

At D.A. Santos and Associates we separate the myths from the facts. Because of our 30+ years in healthcare and the team of professionals we are able to work with you through the whole process in a timely and efficient manner. "Medi-Cal planning," or getting help paying your family member's nursing home costs through the Medi-Cal program, is not a do-it-yourself project. You might find that you are in the slow lane when it comes to Medi-Cal.

Don't wait for a health care emergency to begin getting your affairs in order. Your planning options as a healthy, active senior citizen are much broader. You surely don't wait for a fire in your house to begin considering homeowner's insurance, do you? And statistically speaking, there is a much greater likelihood of a person over the age of 65 entering a nursing home than having that house fire.

Planning now for your long term care, breaking through the myths, and finding the facts will likely prevent distress in the future for your family and loved ones. In addition, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be honored and that your nest egg will not be destroyed by an unexpected illness or untimely death.


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